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Jiggernaut Music
The Well
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JIGGERNAUT - Evolution
In Search of More
JIGGERNAUT - Evolution

Jiggernaut is not your typical Celtic band, nor are they your typical rock band. Formed in 2000, Jiggernaut is a powerful combination of Celtic, rock and folk music. Drawing from years of experience playing rock and roll, and blues the rhythm section lays down a solid foundation that allows the bagpipes and vocals to soar.

A live Jiggernaut performance is passionate, energetic and always fun. Jiggernaut is the rare band that appeals to audiences from six to sixty, their tunes and songs tell the ancient stories and teach lessons of today´s world all in a style that is entirely their own.

So what is Jiggernaut? Celtic musicians with a rock sensibility?

Rock Musicians with a Celtic sensibility?

You be the judge....

Selected Quotes
  • (About 'The Well') "One of the finest recordings of the last 10 years...songs of Deanna´s composing that you will agree are sure to become classics in traditional Celtic music."
    Jack Baker, Irish American News

  • "Jiggernaut´s music is a confident, brash, fiery mix of Scottish and Irish influences and American blue-collar stadium rock...like a head-on collision of the Tannahill Weavers and Runrig....an outfit worth keeping more than one eye on."
    John O´Regan, Irish Music Magazine

  • "...a promising new addition to the under populated realm of American rock and reel...In Search of More is one of the Top 10 CDs of 2001."
    Tom Nelligan, Dirty Linen

  • "Jiggernaut is that rare band that can have you bopping at a club or jigging on the heath. What´s more...they can do it not only on the same song but somehow at the same time."
    Houston Press

Meet the Band
Guitars -n- stuff
vocals -n- stuff
drums -n- stuff
bass -n- stuff
bagpipes -n- stuff
fiddles -n- stuff